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Girls Night In Box Set
Girls Night In Box Set

Girls Night In Box Set

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This Box Set is the PERFECT gift for your BESTIE or YOURSELF.

The four 7 oz candles included in this set are:

  1. CHAMPAGNE PROBLEMS - smells like champagne and a dash of peach 
  2. LITTLE BLACK DRESS - imagine a delicious perfume 
  3. MR. PERFECT - masculine & clean
  4. ROSÉ ALL DAY - it's wine friends, and it's incredible

Each scent has been curated to reminisce some of the BEST times with our closest friends.  Trust us, this is a unique scent experience!

The collection starts with CHAMPAGNE PROBLEMS, a scent will leave you guessing how we truly captured the bubbles in this champagne scent.  This scent is all about the first time you had champagne and felt like the classiest person in the room (even if you weren't).  TRUST US you have never smelt anything like this in a candle, it is fresh and light and...bubbly.

We then recommend burning LITTLE BLACK DRESS. Just close your eyes and remember that wedding you were GUILTED into attending, initially you thought it would never end but to your surprise you had the time of your life because you felt like a million bucks in that LITTLE BLACK DRESS, and you danced the night away spinning like a girl in a brand new dress!

Next...we recommend MR. PERFECT (said with a slight eye roll), you all know who he is and even through he looked PERFECT in his white polo and fresh pressed khakis, you knew he was all wrong...even if he smelled AMAZING, but sometimes making the wrong choice is the only option (said like a good supportive friend).  

Finally, turn you attention to ROSÉ ALL DAY...take a deep breath and inhale because this is a scent you are going to want to just drink in!  This delicious creation smells like a second glass of the most delicious wine (because the first went down so smoothly). If you can't be with your friends right now, light this candle, pour yourself a glass of something that makes you happy and cheers the memory of great friends, LOTS of laughter, and a lifetime of memories!

Each box set is shipped gift wrapped.