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Citronella Set of 7 oz Soy Jar Candles

Citronella Set of 7 oz Soy Jar Candles

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In this Set you will receive all three of our NEW Citronella Scents!  

Citronella Orange

Citronella Peppermint

Citronella Blackberry

Our Citronella Candles are made with 100% pure soy wax.  They have a rich, refreshing lemon flavour which we have blended with orange, peppermint & blackberry that helps us prevent buzzing and freshen the air around us. Citronella creates a barrier that protects you and your family while you enjoy outdoor activities-to maximize the barrier, suggest to use multiple citronella candles at the same time.

Citronella Orange comes in a gold tin, Citronella Peppermint comes in a silver tin, Citronella Blackberry comes in a black tin that you can use on terraces, courtyards, family gatherings, picnic, travel, vacations and camping without worrying about the product being too bulky.
7 ounces per candle, each clean burns and for 45 hours.